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I am often asked to paint pet portraits, mostly including the characters Hare and Snail, because they like the way they interact with their pets, rather than a plain portrait, their pet becomes part of a story.

I have a particular way of organising the process of commissions, this is so you are ensured that you are getting the painting you want and I don't waste time painting  something you don't want.

I paint predominantly in watercolour and ink.

Using the contact form below, send me a message describing what it is you would like. If you are unsure, just send me a message and I'll ask the questions, to help you. There are plenty of examples above to give you some ideas.

You can choose where your pet will be situated, that can be in a river, in the woods, in a house, the choice is yours.

You can also choose particular trees, flowers, colours or animals, birds, that mean something to you. I don't need to know the meaning, though sometimes that can help to determine where it is placed in the picture, or you could just let me know how important it is to you.

At this point I will ask you to send me photographs of your pet. It is helpful if they are as clear as possible and if they have particular markings, that I can see those, as I may place your pet in a different pose to the photograph you have sent.

These can be transferred to me via email, or Facebook Messenger, which ever is easier for you.

I will then draw a sketch of where I will place all items in the story, the painting and will send back to you for confirmation. You can still change things around, if you would like a flower to be more prominent etc.

Once you are happy, I will then ask for payment. This can be done via Paypal or bank transfer.

A5 - £35.00

A4 - £55.00

10x10" - £65.00

A3 - £125.00

Most of my customers ask for 10x10" It's a good size for framing and everything can be seen clearly.

It will take me up to 2 weeks to paint. Though I can do it sooner, but if you are thinking of a gift for someone else, please allow at least 3 weeks from contacting me and receiving the painting and please let me know, so I can prioritise yours.

I will send you some progress photographs as I am painting.

Once it is finished, I will let you know, ask for your address and post it out to you.

If you are not happy with it (no-one has not been yet!) I will send a refund of 50% of the cost.

This is so I still get paid for my time taken.



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